"Temporary Ponds: a natural habitat to be protected!"


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Temporary ponds are very important environments for several mammal species, which may live permanently on them - using the pond and the surrounding habitats - or visit them regularly to feed and drink water.

Some species of small mammals use the ponds during the whole year. When the ponds are filled they live on the flooded areas or on the margins, and during the dry period, they use mainly the pond area, thus benefiting from the soil moisture and  the fresh and green grass therein. Bats also visit the ponds during several periods of the year. They have greater activity during the flooded stage of the ponds, when they drink water and feed on the great amount of available insects. During the warmer months, although the ponds are dry, there is a also high insect availability in these areas, what allows the feeding bats to consume great amounts of insects with little effort. Besides these groups, all mammal species  in this region take advantage of the water availability provided by temporary ponds, while some use its resources for feeding.

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