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12th Annual Meeting of SWS-EC

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The Society of Wetland Scientists, european Chapter, held the 12th Annual Meeting focusing on "Sustainable Management of Wetlands - Exploring New Approaches to Water Management, Biodiversity Conservation, Recovery, Pollution Control and Climate Change". This event took place shortly after the 7th EPCN Workshop + LIFE Charcos Seminar, on the 5th and 6thof May, at the same location, and included:

  • Thematic sessions on:
      • Paludiculture as a sustainable use of wetlands
      • Ecological quality and conservation of wetlands
      • River conservation: facing agriculture intensification and climate
      • Wetlands and water quality 
  • SWS European Chapter meeting
  • Renewal of the Memorandum of Cooperation between Ramsar & SWS

There was also the opportunity to visit Vascão stream (Ramsar Site), under the LIFE Saramugo Project, coordenated by LPN - Liga para a Protecção da Natureza.

Detailed information on the 12th Annual SWS European Chapter Meeting is available at this website.

12th Annual SWS European Chapter Meeting - Abstract book

Here is the report of the 12th SWS Europe Chapter Annual Meeting

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