"Temporary Ponds: a natural habitat to be protected!"

Interpretation Center of Temporary Ponds has already opened

> Installed in a complex of Temporary Ponds on the site of Pousadas Velhas, at north of Vila Nova de Milfontes and at the beginning of the road to Malhão Beach.


The inauguration took place on May 21st and the Interpretation Center of Temporary Ponds in the Southwest Alentejo was soon explored by representatives of several local entities along with 3 classes of pre-school and primary school students from Odemira county. During the morning, the participants were accompanied by a team of biologists and technicians from the LIFE Charcos Project that uncovered the mysteries of this fascinating habitat.

On the following Sunday, May 27th, an Open Day was organized for the general population also with a guided tour by the Project team, marking the public opening of this space to be freely visited and for those who want to learn more about the Mediterranean Temporary Ponds, an priority habitat for conservation.

This Interpretation Center is installed in a complex of Temporary Ponds on the site of Pousadas Velhas, at north of Vila Nova de Milfontes and at the beginning of the road to Malhão Beach. The infrastructures make possible the visitation to be done autonomously through an accessible pedestrian trail to all, equipped with informative panels in order to help the visitors to interpret the habitat and the biodiversity associated to the habitat.

There is also a house that will support activities for raising awareness and environmental education that are planned for groups and schools that want to explore more about this habitat. However, prior appointment must be made with the Municipality of Odemira or LPN. It will be possible to participate in more practical activities for better understanding the dynamics of this habitat, such as the composition and structure of the soil as well as to know and identify the fauna and flora species associated with Temporary Ponds, among many others.

The Interpretation Center of Mediterranean Temporary Ponds of the Southwest Alentejo is one of the many actions that the LIFE Charcos Project did to promote the conservation, information and awareness of local communities such as farmers and visitors. Giving the importance of this habitat, the strategy was based on the concept “understand to value, value to protect” that seeks to reverse the misunderstanding about the Temporary Ponds.

Since its inauguration, the Interpretation Center has received more than 350 visitors, most of them students from various schools of different ages from Odemira county. The highlight so far is the visit that took place on World Environment Day, June 5th, where three classes of 3rd grade and two of 1st grade contributed actively to the conservation of this habitat by the improvement of the surrounding area of the Interpretation Center through the control of an invasive plant, the ice plant.

Photographs of the official opening by Luís Guerreiro - Município de Odemira



Photographs from LPN about the World Environmental Day

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