"Temporary Ponds: a natural habitat to be protected!"

Temporary Pond Identification Tools

> A simplified methodology for the recognition of the habitats and their conservation status established by the team of the LIFE Charcos Project


LIFE Charcos team has developed a methodology that simplifies the recognition of Temporary Ponds and assess its conservation status to be used by technicians that are not biologists. The purpose of this simplified tools is to promote the practical training of the entities responsible for the surveillance and supervision of the territory in order to better safeguard it in the long term.

Therefore, another training session was organized for the vigilantes and technicians of the main Portuguese entities such as ICNF, APA and GNR-SEPNA called "Identification of Habitat 3170 - Mediterranean Temporary Ponds and their conservation status", where the functionality and the application of these recognition tools were tested and validated.

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