"Temporary Ponds: a natural habitat to be protected!"

Temporary Ponds' Restorations & recoveries

> The Project team carried out a set of interventions in 24 Temporary Ponds, in order to eliminate some of the threats that were occurring and to guarantee their conservation in the medium and long term.


Thus, it was necessary to inform and explain to the owners of the land where these priority habitats are located, it’s importance and a number of cooperation protocols have been established. Here are some examples of these restoration and recovery interventions:


Drainage channel elimination in one the Temporary Ponds in Sagres.


External vegetation waist improvement in one of the Temporary Ponds in Vila do Bispo.


Shrub vegetation control & Basin replacement in several Temporary Ponds in Vila Nova de Milfontes.


It is expected that these interventions contribute not only to the conservation of the Temporary Ponds in the Southwest Coast of Portugal but also to demonstrate forms of sustainable management for this habitat that is of priority conservation because of its importance, fragility and species rarity that it hosts.

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