"Temporary Ponds: a natural habitat to be protected!"

7th EPCN + LIFE Charcos

> Communication Awards

During the 7th EPCN Workshop + LIFE Charcos Seminar a competition was held for the best student presentations, both in Poster and in oral communications. The Organizing Committee selected the following students:

Poster Communication Prizes Position:

    • 1st Place: Richard Walton – “Farmland pond management improves pollinating invertebrate biodiversity in the agricultural landscape” PST32
    • 2nd Place: Stijn Van Onsem – “Integration of ecological monitoring protocols for Water Framework and Habitats Directive in ponds” PST33
    • 3rd Place: Sara Martins – “Hydrology of coastal ponds and associated zooplankton and macrophyte communities” PST02

Classificação das Apresentações Orais:

    • 1st Place: David Cunillera-Montcusí – “Interaction between temporary pond isolation and faunal dispersal hability” – OC13
    • 2nd Place:Antoine Gazaix – “Is Lythrum thesioides a Mediterranean species? Consequences for conservation” OC25
    • 3rd Place: Dunja Lukić – “Turbidity mediates the relative importance of herbivory and carnivory in a fairy shrimp” OC12

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