"Temporary Ponds: a natural habitat to be protected!"

Poster sessions

> 4th Poster Session

 4th Poster Session - Chairperson Raquel Ortells Baneres

PST29 - "Restoring farmland ponds: Lessons from the Norfolk Ponds Project, UK" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


PST30 - "The characteristics and conservation of traditional fish ponds – Main water habitats of European pond turtle Emys orbicularis in Latvia" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


PST31  -  "The  Baltic  states’  biggest  fish  ponds  farm  Nagli  (Latvia),  its  aquaculture technologies and role for the European nature conservation" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


PST32 - "Farmland pond management improves pollinating invertebrate biodiversity in the agricultural landscape" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


PST33 - "Integration of ecological monitoring protocols for water framework and habitats directive in ponds" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


PST34 - "Can environmental education actions change public attitudes? An example using the pond habitat and associated biodiversity" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


PST35  -  "De-urbanizing  and  recovering  the  ecological  functioning  of  the  Mediterranean coastal salt marsh of La Pletera (NE Iberian Peninsula)" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


PST37 - "Ponds and mosquitoes in Portugal – The public perception and the conflict between conservation and public health" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


PST38  -  "Iberian  ponds:  Measuring  responses  to  climate  change  using  distributed  pond mesocosms" - SEE THE ABSTRACT

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