"Temporary Ponds: a natural habitat to be protected!"

Poster sessions

> 3rd Poster Session

3rd Poster Session - Chairperson Paulo Sá-Sousa

PST19 - "Local and landscape drivers of pond-breeding amphibian diversity at the Northern Mediterranean" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


PST20 - "Metacommunities and biodiversity patterns in mediterranean versus tropical temporary ponds" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


PST21 - "Amphibian communities distribution and conservation in urban ponds – The city of Porto (Portugal) as a case-study" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


PST22 - "A large-scale assessment of Isoetes histrix swards in the Mediterranean basin" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


PST23 - "Zooplankton community build-up after restoration and re-establishment after nine years in temporary ponds" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


PST24 - "Effect of fire on the vegetation of Mediterranean Temporary Ponds" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


PST25 - "Predicting the invasion risk in Europe by aquatic exotic plants" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


PST26  -  "Terrestrial  forms  of  aquatic  plants  increase  seed  germination  to  face  adverse periods" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


PST27 - "Using  soil    seed  bank    to    design    management    and  recovery    strategies in    Mediterranean Temporary Ponds" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


PST28 - "Assessing the ecological quality of pools and pool landscapes in the Maltese Islands" - SEE THE ABSTRACT

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