"Temporary Ponds: a natural habitat to be protected!"

Poster sessions

> 2nd Poster Session

2nd Poster Session - Chairperson Anabela Belo

PST11   - "Spatio-temporal population dynamics of Branchinectella media (Crustacea, Branchiopoda) from three saline ponds of the Iberian Peninsula" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


PST12 - "An overview of the Iberian aquatic and wetland vegetation" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


PST13 - "New interactive electronic keys for the identification of pond biodiversity" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


PST14 -  "Does  hydroperiod  influence  bat  activity  and  species  richness?  A comparison between Mediterranean Temporary and Permanent Ponds" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


PST15 - "Zooplankton diversity in reference to water regime and fish state in small water bodies in an agricultural landscape" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


PST16 - "Role of the heterogeneity of ponds in maintaining the regional pool of odonate species" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


PST17 - "Response to distance according to dispersal mode in temporary ponds" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


PST18 - "Plasticity of functional traits study of six Moroccan amphibious plants along a latitudinal gradient in temporary ponds in Morocco" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


PST18.A - Different filling season results in different zooplankton assemblages in Mediterranean Temporary Ponds" - SEE THE ABSTRACT

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