"Temporary Ponds: a natural habitat to be protected!"

Oral Comunications

> LIFE Session

 LIFE Oral Session - Chairperson Laura Serrano

Alcazar, R. - "LIFE Charcos: Temporary Ponds Conservation in the Southwest Coast of Portugal" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


Pinto-Cruz,  C.  - "Ecological Restoration  of Mediterranean  Temporary  Ponds  in Portugal" - SEE THE ABSTRACT

Fragoso, S. - "Conservation of Anaecypris hispanica (Saramugo) in the Guadiana Basin (Portugal) - Project LIFE Saramugo" - SEE THE ABSTRACT

Briggs, L. - "Ponds and wetlands in cities for biodiversity and climate adaptation" - SEE THE ABSTRACT

Vendras,  E.  -  "Restoring  Wetlands  in  Kampinos  National  Park  –  Chances  and Challenges" - SEE THE ABSTRACT

    LIFE Oral Session (2nd Part)  - Chairperson Rosset Véronique

Baião, C.  - 2LIFE Charcos: environmental awareness & education as a conservation tool" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


Ferreira, A. - "Innovative and Participative Pond Conservation in Portugal - Ponds with Life Project" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


Alves, A. - "Using wildlife ponds for environmental offset actions in a European environmental awareness project" - SEE THE ABSTRACT

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