"Temporary Ponds: a natural habitat to be protected!"

Oral Comunications

> 1st Oral Session

1st  Oral Session - Chairperson Dani Boix

Rodriguez-Rodriguez, M. - "Hydrological modelling of three sand-dune ponds located on Doñana National Park (Andalusia, Spain)" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


Gallego, I. - "Using ponds to predict shifts from chlorophycean to cyanobacterial dominance in semi-arid temperate climates" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


Golus, W. - "Seasonal nature of the river network linking ponds located in the moraine plateaus of Northern Poland: a postglacial or Mediterranean ladscape?" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


Patzig, M. - "A survey of kettle holes in the young moraine landscapes of Eastern Germany and Western Poland" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


Jeffries, M. - "An estimate of the total organic carbon stored in pond sediments in Great Britain" - SEE THE ABSTRACT


Van Onsem, S. - "Factors shaping macrophyte communities in peri-urban ponds: the influence of propagule banks and waterfowl" - SEE THE ABSTRACT

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