"Temporary Ponds: a natural habitat to be protected!"


One of the objectives of LIFE Charcos Project is to train officials of the authorities responsible for applying the territorial regulation instruments with regard to safeguarding the natural values in protected areas, including within the Natura 2000 Network.

Thus, the Project team carried out two training courses aiming the nature guards, vigilantes and technicians of the Institute of Nature Conservation and Forests (ICNF in portuguese), the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA in portuguese) and the military of the Service of Protection of Nature and Environment of Guarda National Republicana (GNR-SEPNA in portuguese).

The first training course entitled "Temporary Pond Conservation" was held on May 26th and 27th in 2015, at the Municipal Library of Odemira, and its objective was to improve the application of regulatory instruments for the protection of Temporary Ponds , imprive the identification on the site, know the main indicator species and their conservation status.

The program of this first training course can be consulted HERE

The acquired knowledge will enable the competent authorities responsible for the surveillance and saveguarding of the territory so that they can advise and intervene in situations of conflict, acting to safekeep this habitat threatened with a priority conservation status.

This training counted with 27 participants who in the course of the action debated some problems with which they have encountered, clarified some doubts, and presented some possible solutions.

In addition to the theoretical sessions that took place during the morning, field trips were important for the observation of the ponds' biodiversity, identification of some threats and knowledge of some recovery interventions already carried out under this project.

At the end of the training, the acquired learning was well-known, since the present ones identified some of the indicative plants of this habitat in the field and realized their rarity and importance for the species that depend on it, creating an emotional connection with this habitat.

The second training course "Identification of Habitat 3170 - Mediterranean Temporary Ponds and their conservation status" was held on 8th of May 2017 in Odemira.

This last training course complements the previous one held in May 2015, "Conservation of Temporary Ponds", with the objective of improving knowledge about Temporary Ponds, such as the importance of this habitat and its associated biodiversity, which indicator species exist and the ability to assessment their conservation status.

In this training course it was intended to promote practical training in the identification of this habitat and its conservation status. In this sense, a simplified methodology for the recognition of the habitat and its conservation status for non-specialists was created by the LIFE Charco Project team.

This training was divided in two parts: a more theoretical one, where some characteristics of Temporary Ponds and their biodiversity were recalled, aspects related to the development of this simplified tool and its correct form of application, as well as other tools available on- line, such as the website flora-on.pt. The second part consisted of a visit to a complex of Temporary Ponds for practical application of the simplified tool, in order to evaluate its functionality.

This training consisted of about 20 participants who were able to experience firsthand a methodology that facilitates the identification of Habitat 3170 and the evaluation of its conservation status.

At the end of the training course, the application of this tool for the recognition and evaluation of Mediterranean Temporary Ponds was confirmed. Together with the knowledge acquired, it is possible to provide the entities responsible for the surveillance and savegarding of the territory to better safekeep this endangered habitat in the long term.

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Training in environmental education for the conservation of temporary ponds

In order to train teachers for Environmental Education on Temporary Ponds, the LIFE Charcos team promoted three training courses with the following objectives:

  • To promote knowledge about the Temporary Ponds of the Southwest Coast of Portugal;
  • To know the dynamics of the habitat as well as the biotic and abiotic processes;
  • Unravel some of the biodiversity associated with ponds and some of their ecological functions;
  • Provide an approximation to the habitat and direct contact with some specimens of the biodiversity associated to Temporary Ponds;
  • Ensure the role that environmental education plays in protecting and maintaining the Temporary Ponds of the Southwest Coast of Portugal.

The training courses were structured in two parts: the theoretical and the practice where it was possible to observe a habitat 3170 - Mediterranean Temporary Ponds.

In the first training session, the theoretical part was held on April 16th at the Training Center for Teachers Margens do Guadiana in the André de Gouveia High School in Beja, and the field visit took place on May 28th, at the Center for Environmental Education of Vale Gonçalinho, Castro Verde, where it was possible to observe a Mediterranean Temporary Pond. About 30 teachers were present.

The second training course took place on February 4th, 2017 in Vila Nova de Milfontes where the theory was presented at the Primary School of Vila Nova de Milfontes and the field trip was in a complex of Temporary Ponds, near S. Miguel , parish of S. Teotónio, Odemira. This training course was attended by about 45 teachers from various levels of education and disciplinary groups.

The third training course took place on March 25th, 2017, in Vila do Bispo, where the theoretical part took place in the EB23 auditorium of Vila do Bispo and the field trip went to a Temporary Pond near the town. About 20 teachers were present.

All of the above trainning courses where certified by the LPN.

For photo fo these trainning courses please see the Gallery

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