"Temporary Ponds: a natural habitat to be protected!"


> Animations for Environmental Education

It will be available here several animations about Environmental Education for pre-school and primary education, as part of Action E3 of the LIFE Charcos Project (Environmental education in schools).

The aim is to simplify some of the more technical concepts, relating to the conservation of Mediterranean temporary ponds, so that these animations can be used by teachers in the classroom. It is expected that these animations can aldo be used to sensitize the general public.

# 1 - The hydrogeology of Temporary Ponds

Why are the ponds of the southwest coast of Portugal, temporary? When they begin to fill and dry? What is hydroperiod? How long is the hydroperiod? These and other questions related to the hydrogeology of the temporary ponds are here answered with simple animations. 

 #2 Plants in Temporary Ponds

Do you know the plants of the Temporary Ponds? They are annual plants very versatile capable of withstanding a submerged phase and then extreme drought. See this little animation to get to know this fascinating group of living beings.

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