"Temporary Ponds: a natural habitat to be protected!"


> Forestry activity

By altering the natural pond habitat and their surroundings, the forestry activity is considered a threat to the MTP's. The forestation with fast growing  species (eucalyptus) and invasive species (acacia trees), which are also used as live barriers to shelter crops from strong winds,  modifies local hydrology since these species consume large amounts of water and have  high evapotranspiration - especially during the season of  growth, which occurs during the season of highest diversity in ponds (spring).

Ultimately, acacia trees also inhibit germination of autochthonous flora. On the other hand, the construction of roads to access forest or firebreaks may directly destroy MTP’s, or affect them indirectly by tillage, alterations to hydrology or cause a barrier effect between nearby habitats.

This threat is greater in specific areas of forest within the SCI of the Southwest Coast, some of which are found in Odemira and others in the Vila de Bispo Municipality.

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