"Temporary Ponds: a natural habitat to be protected!"

Environmental awareness and promotion

> Introduction

Environmental awareness is the utmost important action because one of the major threats identified is the lack of knowledge and understanding about this habitat.

In general terms, people are not aware of the great biological and ecological value of the Mediterranean Temporary Ponds. It is imperative to make the populations aware, especially those in the distribution areas of this particular habitat. Key groups such as owners, farmers, children and the general public should be informed about the value of this habitat and, the endangered and rare species that it hosts in order to preserve and ensure a long-term conservation.


The aim is to contribute to a greater appreciation by society for the conservation of these priority habitats and biodiversity associated with them.

Expected Results:

  • Implementation of interpretation pathways related to MTP;
  • Good management practices manual for the conservation of the MTP;
  • Organizing a Symposium on Ponds;
  • Raise awareness of the general public, owners and stakeholders in environmental education activities that promote the importance of these habitats and make public the results of the project and the importance of Natura 2000, in order to reduce the vulnerability of related MTP with the lack of knowledge about their ecological value.

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