"Temporary Ponds: a natural habitat to be protected!"


> Performed activities

Here, we'll make available student's projects and activities over the duration of LIFE Charcos Environmental Education Programe.

Flashmob for the Conservation of Temporary Ponds

In the academic year of 2015/16, the students of three kindergarten rooms of S. Teotonio decided to celebrate the World Environment Day with a flashmob (surprise demonstration of a choreography) in the central square of the village, in order to draw the attention of local people for the conservation of this priority habitat that is home to many rare species of animals and plants.

Guardians of the Temporary Ponds

In the school year of 2015/16, some students from Vila do Bispo county went to visit a Temporary Pond and decided to roll up the sleeves and contribute actively to its conservation.  


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