"Temporary Ponds: a natural habitat to be protected!"

Discovering the plants of Temporrary Ponds in Vila do Bispo

> The flora of temporary ponds was last Sunday featured in a event in Vila do Bispo, an initiative that aimed to combat the lack of knowledge of this habitat.


On Sunday, June 5th of 2016, in Vila do Bispo there was another awareness activity, this time with the aim of observing and knowing a little better the plants existing in the Mediterranean Temporary Ponds.

The meeting point was in the Interpretation Center of Vila do Bispo, around 3pm. A brief framework was presented to all participants by the flora specialist, Professor Carla Pinto Cruz from University of Évora, associated to LIFE Charcos Project.

This sunny day was attended by about 20 participants, who visited the pond near the Mirouço. It was possible to observe about 15 species linked to this habitat, for instance: Cicendia filiformis; Exaculum pusillum; Illecebrum verticillatum; Juncus capitatus; Solenopsis laurentia; Lotus hispidus; Baldellia ranunculoides; Carum verticillatum; Glyceria declinata; Juncus capitatus; Juncus emmanuelis; Littorella uniflora; Myosotis debilis; Eryngium corniculatum; Isoetes setaceum.

In this event, apart of the opportunity to observe and identify the existing flora, was also highlighted some curiosities referred by the researcher about the species, as well as the clarification of some doubts of those present.

It is important to mention that the flora associated with these temporary ponds have very particular characteristics, usually small plants, that due to the ephemerality of the water, prefer to spend energy in its effective reproduction strategy than in its growth. Others like Eryngium corniculatum (bioindicator of the priority habitat 3170 - Mediterranean Temporary Ponds) that has two completely different forms as the temporary ponds flooded or dry.

we hope that this activity has contributed to combat the lack of knowledge of this priority habitat, one of the main causes of its destruction.

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